Voltas Air Conditioner Error Code

Error Codes Problem
EE Indoor machine EE fault
E0 Outdoor EE fault
E1 Indoor fan fault
E2 Indoor fan zero-crossing detection abnormal
E3 Indoor coil fault and sensor fault
E4 Indoor ambient temperature sensor fault
E5 Fan Operation Error
E6 Indoor and outdoor machine communication fault
E8 Outdoor communication fault
F1 Compressor starting abnormal
F2 Compressor out of step fault
F3 IPM module fault
F4 Compressor shell roof fault/protection
F5 Discharge temperature sensor fault
F6 Section temperature sensor fault
F7 Outdoor coil temperature sensor fault
F8 Outdoor ambient temperature sensor fault
F9 Outdoor DC fan fault
P1 Outdoor machine AC current protection
P2 Compressor phase current protection
P3 Outdoor unit over-high or over-low AC voltage protection
P4 DC voltage over-high or over-low voltage protection
P5 IPM over-high temperature protection
P6 Discharge temperature overheat protection
P7 Cooling indoor coil anti freezing protection
P8 Cooling outdoor coil overheat protection
P9 Heating indoor coil overheat protection
PC Cooling outdoor ambient temperature over-low protection
PH Heating outdoor ambieent temperature over-high protection
L1 Drive bus voltage over-high protection
L2 Drive bus voltage over-low protection
L3 Drive phase current overload fault
L4 Phase current samping abnormal
U1 IPM Over current protection
U3 Compressor Over current protection
U4 Over voltage protection
U5 Low voltage protection
U7 Over speed protection
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