IFB Washing Machine Error Codes List

Error CodesMessage and Solution
E 01An indication to open and close the door properly
E 02An indication to turn the water tap ON
E 03The plug needs to be fit properly/the socket needs to be replaced
E 04The code indicates that the washer will restart after about 30 min
E 05A message that the programme time is extended due to low inlet water temperature / low input voltage
E 06An indication to clean coin trap
r ın5 HOLdAn indication to press the start/pause button or select the drain program
dLErSwitch OFF the program selector
dLAYMeaning that the start mode will be delayed
tAPAn indication to turn ON the tap
tACO / trCThe code states that the program selector must be switched OFF with a 2-second waiting time
OFEr / Pr5Switch OFF the program selector and wait for 2 seconds before restarting.
dPErAn indication to press the Start/Pause button to restart the drain
HEAtThis indicates that the drain program should be started after the water cools down to approximately 60C.
ACHıMeaning that the machine will start automatically after the voltage DECREASES to sade operating level.
ACLoMeaning that the machine will start automatically after the voltage INCREASES to sade operating level.
H260The message indicates that the mains voltage is too high [over 260v]Self-righting when voltage returns to normal.
UnbLThe code indicates that the laundry load is small, which can lead to an unbalanced condition.
L175L means Low voltage. Once the power is back, the washing machine will resume.READ | Blue Star AC Error Codes list: What do the Blue Star AC error codes mean? Find out 
doorThe door should be opened or closed properly
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