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Panasonic Air Conditioner Error Codes: The Complete List

Code Possible Cause
00H No detected abnormalities
11H Error of data line between indoor unit and outdoor unit
12H Other power error between outdoor unit and indoor unit
14H Room temperature sensor error
15H Compressor temperature sensor error
16H Compressor load current is too low
19H Internal fan block error
23H Chiller temperature sensor error
25H Error e-ion circuit
27H Outdoor temperature sensor error
28H Hot rig temperature sensor error
30H Compressor output temperature sensor error
33H Error connecting internal and external blocks
38H Internal and external block error is not synchronized
58H PATROL circuit error
59H ECO PATROL circuit error
97H Error on the outdoor unit fan
98H Indoor temperature is too high (heating mode)
99H Chilled temperature is too low (freeze)
11F Cooling mode / Heating switch error
90F Bost booster circuit fault for compressor compressor power block
91F Compressor load line error is too low
93F Compressor rotation speed error
95F Hot platform temperature is too high
96F Compressor power transistor overheat (IPM)
97F Compressor temperature is too high
98F Compressor load is too high
99F The DC output to the compressor is too high
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